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Shared Ownership reduces risks and increases sales.

The shared ownership concept of Wine with Wings is that a larger number of shared owners may invest into the fleet of new Cessna Grand Caravan EX's than ever before. Instead of traditional method's like fractional ownership where only several owners may participate and each owner is subject to expensive monthly payments and limited flight hours, our shared ownership has little to no monthly payments and unlimited flight hours.

The program is based on the active partnership with businesses and organizations with synergistic business interests. One example of this is connecting the Puget Sound cruise ship industry and its passengers with Walla Walla wine country where there is no practical way for cruise ship passengers to get to and back from Walla Walla (or other wine country destinations) on a single-day excursion, as the time constraints of a cruise schedule demands.

Other examples include the difficulty to reach Eastern Washington and Idaho Universities from Seattle or Portland, as well as attraction such as golf and ski resorts.

For more information review the website, FAQ’s and blog or contact us for more information.

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