Sponsorship's in Shuttle Vans


Sponsorship's are sold to be displayed on the sides of shuttle vans as a way to help subsidize the cost of acquisition, insurance and operations of shuttles vans serving a community. By sharing in the cost of shuttle vans a number of companies and businesses can bring ground transportation solutions to specific communities.

Shuttles are"rolling billboards" with prices commensurate with small newspaper and magazine ads. The vans drive up to 5+ days per week advertising sponsor brands and bring customers to your door!

Partner Opportunities; Advertise on Vans


  • Marquee, typically on back of van covers the greatest area and is the highest profile

  • Medium Marquee; 5 can fit on the windows across the van in a high profile location. 

  • Petite Marquee; partly on the window and the rest on the body are very desirable locations.

  • Personal Logo; on the body above script sponsors.

  • Script Sponsor; fill the sides of the van at the lowest price level and provide a solid advertising base.

Investment Opportunities

  • Invest into van(s) for a specific region.

  • Make 10% annual ROI for 5 years.

  • Recapture your investment in about 3.3 years

  • Make 50% more than your investment.

  • Prices vary for different types of Vans.

Sponsorship in Aircraft;
Direct charters saves time & money.


Reduce Travel Budget


  • Sponsors get discounts to package flights with hotels, golf and business.

  • Increase travel frequency/reduce overnight stays.

  • Serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia, with range to California, Nevada and Montana. 

Regional travel made easy
Same Day Travel or Weekend Get Away 


  • Bring Bicycles, golf clubs, overnight bags and more.

  • Enjoy free parking at a local airport, close to you.

  • Take home multiple cases of wine per person.

  • Built-in oxygen, air conditioning.

  • Leave form Portland, Seattle and everywhere in bewteen.


  • Wineries over 1,200

  • Golf Resorts over 700

  • Universities over 120

  • Ski Resorts over 74

  • Casinos over 59

Cheaper than driving, faster than airlines
  • FREE parking at most airports.

  • Streamlined TSA, arrive 15 minutes before departure.

  • Depart from literally hundreds of locations (see map).

  • Direct flights arrive before commercial airlines can depart.

  • Flying lower provides more scenic views of AVA's.

  • Aerial tours available in locales. 

  • Enjoy your favorite beverage, snacks, food en-route.

  • Private conversations and know everyone on board.


Compare flight times to driving.