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Buster's Operation was successful!
Thank you all so much for your help and wishes!
The next step is to make a vaccine out a part of the tumor ro make sure it won't come back. Experimental but with 85%+ success rate.


Operations Halted due to  Covid-19

We are out of operations due to Covid 19.


We wish to thank all of the customers and sponsors that made us successful and are sorry that we can't be around to help you enjoy your experiences.

Thank you for your  understanding and hope that you all are doing well.

Buster, whose nickname is Boo Boo, had a successful operation removing a tumor near his liver.


The next step is to take the tumor and develop a vaccine to prevent any returns. While it is still experimental the research shows 85%+ success rate!

Thank you for your tour kind words and help!

Mark & Janice Pembrooke

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