Operations in Hiatus during Covid-19

We are currently out of operations while the Covid 19 has stopped group tours.


We had to cancel all operations for the rest of 2020 and try to start up again in 2021.

We have canceled our insurance and will be offering gift cards for 2021 operations.


Since we have not been able to obtain financial relief from SBA and other programs, so our ability to restart depends on gifts, gift cards and sponsorship sales for 2021 (call; 206-719-6615).

Thank you for your patience and understanding and hope that you all are doing well.

2020 Gift Cards, Certificates

Prices are going up for 2021 dues to the increased costs for operations due to Covid 19.


Our best guess is that prices will increase by 25% due to the hourtly disinfecting, supplying masks and gloves to every guest, increases in insurance rates and other Covid 19 related costs.

We have not changed the online booking rates as yet and will as soon as we can verify cost increases for 2021.


We will sell gift cards later this summer for 2021 so, please stay tuned for updates. 

While 2020 is over for us, we all learned a lot about dealing with this pandemic. Even without a vaccine in 2021, we are confident that we can restart by April 2021 taking a variety of precautions. 

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